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Davis Family & Armstrong Circ Cash/Credit

Collection & Delivery

  • When any financial transaction takes place, the dollar amount must be recorded on the Daily Cash/Weekly Sheet (found in drawer, under circ counter)
  • This is a Circ internal document only, necessary when preparing the deposit
  • All money (cash or credit card) must be recorded on the sheet along with date, patron’s name, the reason for the transaction, and the staff person’s initials handling the transaction (it is critical that the patron name be included and recorded so in the case of a potential future refund, the necessary info will be available)
  • One sheet per week
  • Any daily credit card batching documents (Davis Family only) should be stapled to the corresponding weekly sheet
  • Any duplicate signed credit card receipts (Davis Family only) should also be stapled to the weekly sheet
  • At the end of the week, remove the previous week’s sheet and corresponding monies: cash, credit card slips
  • Using a Cash Receipt Submission Form (@ Davis located in locked department file cabinet in Lib 250A) (@ Armstrong, in room 208 locked cabinet), transfer the information and place money in red (Davis Family) or white (Armstrong) bank bag and deliver to the cashier’s office on the second floor of the Service Building prior to 4 pm, M-F. No other paperwork or recording of info is required
  • Save cash transactions/recepts history for current year

Music Library Circ Cash

Small amount of cash/change avaialable at the Music Library Make change as it is necessary / possible. Checks will be deposited by the Circ supervisor regularly/in a timely fashion after they are received. Credit card transactions can only take place at the Davis Family Library.

Instructions for Using Credit Card Machine: (Davis Family only)

Collecting Funds

  • Swipe card, black stripe towards to the left
  • Enter amount to be charged.
  • The last line in lower left corner of the screen will display current activity
  • Press BIG green button
  • Machine will print receipt and beep once. Then it will print again and beep.
  • Note! Unit uses thermal paper, not a double copy
  • Customer signs one copy; place in cash drawer following usual procedures
  • Customer keeps the second, unsigned receipt

Crediting Funds - Supervisors ONLY

  • Press left arrow (purple key titled MORE)
  • Scroll and Select "refund"
  • Swipe card, black stripe to the left
  • Key in amount to be refunded 5
  • Press green arrow key

To Settle Funds 

  • Press left arrow (purple key titled MORE)
  • Scroll and Select "settlement"
  • Wait while dialing out
  • "Settlement successful" on the bottom of the tape confirms batching was successful

For problems/questions/troubleshooting contact: Christine Dowd Technology Services Support National Bank of Middlebury P.O. Box 189 Middlebury, VT 05753 Telephone: (802) 388-4389 Fax: (802) 388-0960 Email: cdowd@nationalbankmiddlebury.com; on campus at the Davis Family Library Vestibule (ATM Machine) every Friday morning between 8:30 and 9 AM
Alissa Cutter Student Financial Services Meeker House 206, (802) 443-5997 Email: cutter@middlebury.edu

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