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JAMF’s Casper is a program we use to provide remote software installation and management of Macintosh computers owned by Middlebury College.  We ask all faculty and staff who have been assigned Mac computers to install this application from middfiles.  Note that all computers distributed by LIS since July 2011 already have Casper.  For more information about Casper, see the '''[[Casper FAQ]]'''.
#redirect [[JAMF Pro Self Service]]
*If you see an application called '''Self-Service''' under Applications/Utilities, your Mac already has Casper and you do not need to follow the instructions below.
* Please '''do not install''' Casper on personally-owned computers. It is for College machines only.
==== Casper Installation from On Campus ====
You can download the installer from Middfiles when you are on campus as follows:
# From the Finder Menu Bar,  select '''Go > Connect to Server'''.
# Select or enter: '''cifs://middcloud.middlebury.edu/middfiles'''.
# Click the '''Connect''' button.
# Navigate to Software > Public > JAMF Casper QuickAdd.
# Drag the file named '''QuickAdd-9_3.pkg''' to your desktop.
# Double click on the package and follow the installation instructions.
# When the installation is complete, check Applications > Utilities for an application called '''Self Service'''. The presence of this application indicates successful installation.
==== Casper Installation from Off Campus ====
If you are off-campus, go to [https://middfiles.middlebury.edu/software/public/JAMF%20Casper%20Quick%20Add/ Software/JAMF Casper Quick Add]. You will need to download the '''zip''' file '''QuickAdd-9_3.pkg.zip'''. Once the zip file has been downloaded, double-click on it to have the Mac OS expand the compressed file.  Now you can find the .pkg that it expanded and double-click on the package to run the installer.
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