JAMF’s Casper is a program we use to provide remote software installation and management of Macintosh computers owned by Middlebury College. We ask all faculty and staff who have been assigned Mac computers to install this application from middfiles.

You can download the installer from Middfiles on campus by going to the finder and pushing “Command K” to get the connect to server dialog window. From here you would type [afp://middfiles.middlebury.edu/ afp://middfiles.middlebury.edu/], hit enter (authenticate if requested) and navigate to Software -> Public -> JAMF Casper Quick Add and download the JAMF-QuickAdd-Casperizer-8.22.pkg installer found there. Once downloaded, double-click on the package to begin the installation. You will be prompted for your credentials and the installer will continue.

If you are off-campus you may connect to the College VPN at https://vpn.middlebury.edu and follow the above directions after you have connected, or you can go to http://go.middlebury.edu/files and log into middfiles with a web browser. If you choose to use the web service to download the file, you will need to download the .zip file instead of the .pkg file. Once the zip file has been downloaded, you can double-click on it to have the Mac OS expand the compressed file, then find the .pkg that it expanded and double-click on the package.