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===== <span style="font-weight: bold;">Staff</span>  =====
===== <span style="font-weight: bold;">Staff</span>  =====
== Cataloging Updates and Reminders  ==
===== AACR2/MARC  =====
*Accompanying material (from AACR2): '''''If the accompanying material is issued in a pocket inside the cover of the publication, give its location in a note'''''<i>. </i>(i.e., not 300 $e). So: '''500 _&nbsp;_ Four maps on 2 folded leaves in pocket ''' or '''500 _&nbsp;_ DVD (4 3/4 in) in pocket.'''
===== Call Numbers<br>  =====
*When including a volume number in the call number (as with classed together monographic series), do not put a space between the period and the volume number (e.g., '''v.1 '''not '''v. 1''')<br>
===== Series  =====
*Remember that since all series are now traced, none should be entered as'''''490 _ 0'''''<b>. </b>If you need to create a series authority because none exists, create via Connexion, save to online file, alert Terry (print copy of page(s) where you found series info)
===== Videos  =====
*Remember to add '''655&nbsp; 7 XXXX language films.$2 local''' for films in all languages other than English (macro '''''Ctrl-F3''''')
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