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General(Links to CMS site)

Currently, most of the documentation and information relating to cataloging at Middlebury can be found on the Cataloging Dept. web page.

Specifically, there you will find information on:

General 2 (Test)

Cataloging Updates and Reminders

  • Accompanying material (from AACR2): If the accompanying material is issued in a pocket inside the cover of the publication, give its location in a note. (i.e., not 300 $e). So: 500 _ _ Four maps on 2 folded leaves in pocket or 500 _ _ DVD (4 3/4 in) in pocket.
Call Numbers
  • When including a volume number in the call number (as with classed together monographic series), do not put a space between the period and the volume number (e.g., v.1 not v. 1)
  • Remember that since all series are now traced, none should be entered as490 _ 0. If you need to create a series authority because none exists, create via Connexion, save to online file, alert Terry (print copy of page(s) where you found series info)
  • Remember to add 655  7 XXXX language films.$2 local for films in all languages other than English (macro Ctrl-F3)