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  • Special Collections staff creates finding aids, assigns collection titles following prescribed policies (start with name in direct order, then collection designation; e.g., Levi Parsons letters)
  • S.C. staff sends URLs for finding aids, call numbers, and any other useful information & instructions to cataloger (Richard)
  • Catalogers create bib records on OCLC, including link to finding aid
  • Catalogers import bib records into MIDCAT with item record
  • Catalogers notify S.C. staff (Danielle) when records are added
  • S.C. staff checks bib record, reporting any needed corrections to the cataloger whose initials are in 969 field
  • S.C. staff checks finding aid to be sure finding aid & bib record are consistent and compatible (e.g., same title)
  • S.C. staff changes status in item record to o (library use only)

Cataloging Guidelines

  • 351: omit subfields other than subfield a
  • 541: include only for gifts, not purchases
  • Include: 655 Manuscripts.
  • Add other 655s as appropriate (e.g.,Letters', 'Autographs)
  • Include: 856 |3 Finding aid with more detailed information

Note: using OCLC Connexion's constant data templates will populate some of these default variable fields, as well as several fixed field elements.

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