Categories for Goals

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Explanation of how we've categorized our goals for the year.

  1. Academic Resources
    Efforts to either create new resources for use in the curriculum, or to facilitiate access to resources developed elsewhere.
  2. Education
    Things we are doing to provide training and awareness for our patrons.
  3. Administrative Efficiency
    Efforts we make to improve the administrative efficiency of the College.
  4. Facilities/Space
    Having to do with public library space, classrooms, computer labs, and other physical locations that we are involved with maintaining.
  5. Communication
    Activities to keep ourselves and our community informed of our activities, and involved in our planning efforts.
  6. Consortial
    Efforts to increase the availability of resources and services to our community through involvement in existing and emerging consortial opportunities.
  7. Infrastructure
    On-going initiatives to build and maintain a robust technology infrastructure to enable all of our other work to take place.
  8. Security
    On-going efforts to maintain the integrity and security of our systems and data in the face of an evolving technology landscape.
  9. Compliance
    Work that we need to do to stay up with the ever-changing legal requirements surrounding information and technology.
  10. Internal Efficiency
    Having to do with looking at how we do our work within LIS, including workflows, processes, policies, and procedures.
  11. Planning and Assessment
    Examining how well we are doing in our operations, and thinking about the future of LIS and how we can support the goals of the College.
  12. Staff and Organizational Development
    Activities to promote an agile organization that evolves to meet the changing needs and habits of the community it serves. 
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