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<h1> Local Resources<br /</h1>
= <br>  =
<h3> <a href="https://concerto.middlebury.edu/">Concerto</a>  </h3>
<ul><li>Alumni pamphlet master
= <br> =
<h3> <a href="http://dspace.nitle.org/handle/10090/7">D-Space</a>  </h3>
<ul><li>Middlebury College senior theses &amp; senior work
<h3> <a href="http://middarchive.middlebury.edu/index.php">CONTENTdm</a>  </h3>
<ul><li>College archives
</li><li>Digital lecture archive
</li><li>Historic Middlebury
</li><li>Vermont Postcards
<h1> Commercial Databases<br />  </h1>
<h3> Multi-disciplinary<br />  </h3>
<ul><li>Academic Onefile
</li><li>Project Muse
<h3> Arts &amp; Humanities  </h3>
<h3> Languages &amp; literature  </h3>
<h3> Sciences </h3>

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