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Work of the team (for clarification)

I’m going to put this question forward for the team to answer. It’s related to the discussion of communication platform choice and our assumptions about the work of the team.

Essentially, it is: What is our actual work role as a team?

It’s my understanding that our work as a team is NOT mostly doing the work needed to make the website a reality, but to make the decisions about: a) what the work will be, b) how the work will happen, and c) negotiating for resources that are needed to make the work happen (human or otherwise)

It is also clear that some of us will actually be doing the work that the team delegates; not because that is our role as members of the team, but because that is our functional role within LIS. [i.e. the whole idea of juggling hats as team member and functional member of LIS]

What does everyone else think? Do we all agree on this? If not, I think that it is important to get Jeff’s feedback/clarification on this point.

-Jess 6/24 p.s. Not sure if I'm doing this right... Tell me if I should re-do this and put in a category or something, please! Thanks!

Is this the right place for this discussion?

On this subject, which Jess asked about above I think either of the places is fine for it to go, provided that it can provoke discussion. You could have also created a new page for LIS_Website_Communications and added it there. I don't think any of us really have the answers to how to use these systems to their full effect, which is one of the reasons I suggested we use them for our own communication: we'll figure out what works and what doesn't through trial and error so when we're getting around to making recommendations to the organization we can share our knowledge.

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