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[[Call Numbers, Subject Headings, & Genre Headings|&lt;&lt; Back to Call Numbers, Subject Headings, &amp; Genre Headings]]<br>[[Cataloging|&lt;&lt; Back to Cataloging]]
'''General instructions:'''
*Place entire call number in $a of 099 field.
*Precede cutter by space followed by a period (e.g.,'''$a cF .B357''').
*If possible, make the cutter 3 digits long
*Omit date unless necessary to differentiate between editions. <br><br>
'''cREF''' Reference<br>'''cA''' Dictionaries: Chinese-Chinese<br>'''cB''' Dictionaries: Bilingual<br>'''cC''' Linguistics<br>'''cD''' Chinese language, Instructional &amp; Textbooks<br>'''cE''' Philosophy &amp; Religion<br>'''cF''' History &amp; Geography&nbsp;: Reference<br>'''cG''' History &amp; Geography: up to 1911<br>'''cH''' History &amp; Geography: 1911 to date<br>'''cJ''' Political Science &amp; Law<br>'''cK''' Chinese Literature, Classical
<blockquote>'''cK0''' General<br>'''cK1''' up to 221 BC<br>'''cK2''' 221 BC-960 AD<br>'''cK3''' 960-1644 AD<br>'''cK4''' 1644- 912 </blockquote>
'''cL '''Chinese Literature, Modern, 1912-<br>'''cM''' Art &amp; Music<br>'''cN''' Science<br>'''cQ''' Wanyou wenku series<br>'''cS '''Sibu congkan series<br>'''cZ''' Easy reading, Children's books

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