Chinese Collection Classification

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General instructions:

  • Place entire call number in $a of 099 field.
  • Precede cutter by space followed by a period (e.g.,$a cF .B357).
  • If possible, make the cutter 3 digits long
  • Omit date unless necessary to differentiate between editions.

cREF Reference
cA Dictionaries: Chinese-Chinese
cB Dictionaries: Bilingual
cC Linguistics
cD Chinese language, Instructional & Textbooks
cE Philosophy & Religion
cF History & Geography : Reference
cG History & Geography: up to 1911
cH History & Geography: 1911 to date
cJ Political Science & Law
cK Chinese Literature, Classical

cK0 General
cK1 up to 221 BC
cK2 221 BC-960 AD
cK3 960-1644 AD
cK4 1644- 912

cL Chinese Literature, Modern, 1912-
cM Art & Music
cN Science
cQ Wanyou wenku series
cS Sibu congkan series
cZ Easy reading, Children's books