Choosing OCLC Records

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If multiple records describe the same bibliographic item, prefer (in this order):

  1. Has040 DLC $c DLC (should have "D" in right hand column on hit list)
  2. Has 042 field
  3. In Fixed fields: Elvl:(top of second column). See table below for priority order
  4. If multiple records at same priority, choose record with greatest number of holdings attached
  5. Avoid records with 040 UKM if possible.
  6. Look for records with the fullest amount of information, subject headings, and LC call number, and if order record has 035 LCMARC

Before deciding that multiple records do describe the same bibliographic item, check for:

  • Same title, author, edition, publisher, series
  • Presence of 533 note indicating record is for a photocopy or microform of the original