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[[Category:Circulation procedures]]
[[Category:Circulation procedures]]

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The circulating iPads are stored behind the circ desk and go out to faculty and staff for a loan period of two weeks.  Each iPad comes with a USB cable and a power adapter.  Please note that - unlike other iDevices - the iPad does not charge when plugged into a computer; only via the power adapter.  The instructions for use (below) are stored as the wallpaper on each iPad.  

User guidelines:

Middlebury College iPad
User Guidelines
• DO NOT synch with your own iTunes account –
this will erase the data currently on the iPad
• In order to download apps, please sign in with
your own Apple ID (or create one)
• You are allowed to purchase apps, which will
be associated with your own Apple account and
will be erased from this device when it is returned
• You are allowed to set-up access to your personal
email from this device; see go/ipad_email
• For assistance, please visit
• ALL DATA will be erased when this device is
returned to the circulation desk

Procedure for clearing circulating iPad after circulation

NOTE: Before doing any of these steps, go to Settings -> iCloud and make sure that the Apple ID field is blank. If it is not, DO NOT proceed, but see the note below.

1. Select the "Settings" icon on the iPad
2. Select "General" : At the bottom of the list, select "Reset"
3. Select "Erase all content and settings"
4. Erase...Yes, really erase
5. Plug into iTunes on the circulation computer and when given a choice to restore the iPad or set up as new, SET UP AS NEW. On the iPad, follow the on-screen prompts. Skip connecting to the wireless. DO NOT set a passcode.
6. Wipe clean with the cleaning kit
7. Charge as necessary

NOTE: If the iPad is locked due to the patron signing into their iCloud account:
Contact the patron and have them go to http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4515 and follow the instructions to release the device.

NOTE: If the iPad is locked by a passcode:

1. Turn off the iPad (hold the power button on the top until given an option to swipe to shut down.)
2. Open iTunes and plug the USB cord into the computer
3. Hold down the Home button (round button on the front of the iPad) while plugging in the USB cord to the iPad.
4. iTunes should indicate that it is opening the iPad in safe mode and ask you to restore the iPad to continue.  Do this, then proceed with step 5 above.

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