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The '''Circulation Desk''' in the Main Library is where members of the college community and visitors can go to check out books, media, elctronic equipment, and many other items available for [[Borrowing|loan]].  It is located to the left of the main entrance (see [[Maps of the Main Library]]).
The '''Circulation Desk'''<br>
In addition to books and movies, the circulation desk lends out some technical equipment and offers other services such as ILL.
#REDIRECT [[https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Borrowing#Interlibrary_Loan]]
== See also ==
[[Category:Ill, Interlibrary loan]]
* [[Borrowing]]
* [[Maps of the Main Library]]
* [[Camcorders]]
== What equipment do we have? ==
The Circulation Desk lends out lots of different equipment. To see our offerings and check their availability status:
# go to [http://go.middlebury.edu/midcat go/midcat]
# in the "GENRE" category, search for "equipment".
# midcat will display all the Circulation Desk's equipment offerings.
Among other things, we lend out:
* Laptops
* Computer speakers
* LCD projectors
* iPods
* Graphing calculators
* [[Camcorders]]
== Loaner Laptops ==
Circulation (x5494) handles all loaning of computers. Only faculty and staff can check out computers out of the library. The loan period is normally two weeks, but this can be negotiated when a faculty member needs a computer for longer.
Online there is a '''list of the fac/staff loaner laptops available''' at the circ desk. Go to [http://go/midcat go/midcat] and searching by keywords '''"faculty laptop"'''. Click on the PC or Mac Laptop items that appear to see the status of each loaner laptop.
==== Logging in to student loaner laptops (Mac and PC) ====
The short-term loaner laptops for students at the Circulation Desk should automatically log-in to a local account called "walk-up". If you get prompted to log into one of these computers, just reboot it and it will automatically log in as "walk-up".
==== Logging in to Mac loaner laptops for faculty and staff  ====
Faculty and staff need to connect the laptop on-campus with an ethernet cable and <u>'''login with their own College username and password'''</u>. If this doesn't work, they should contact the Helpdesk before they leave campus. A generic account is available for use, but recommend against using it.
==== Logging in to PC loaner laptops for faculty and staff ====
* Faculty and Staff can log onto the faculty/staff loaner laptops with their username and password '''provided they have logged onto that computer as themselves at least once while connected to the campus network'''.
* The laptops do have a local account that can be used, and instructions for logging in to that account are included with each loaner.
* The Helpdesk can assist in cases when neither of the above options work. (Helpdesk staff, see: https://mediawiki.middle
== InterLibrary Loan (ILL) and ILLiad ==
Questions on using ILL (Inter-Library Loan) or ILLiad should be directed to the ILL department x5498.  Including password reset questions.  Answers to common questions can be found here: http://ill.middlebury.edu/illiad/FAQ.html

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The Circulation Desk

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