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Circulation Services

Documentation for Circ and LIS staff; procedures, checklists, routines and workflows

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Davis Family Library

OPENING: see here



Armstrong checklists can now be found HERE


Davison checklists can now be foundHERE

Davison Library Manual

See here.


Procedures for Bread Loaf Writers' Conference


Weekend checklists can be found HERE


See here.



VIEW HOLDS MODEVIEW HOLDS – MILL CIRC (daily snapshot view – updates nightly - only accurate 1st thing in the morning prior to any Circ activity) 


Various other WEEKLY TASKS can now be found HERE


Monthly tasks can now be found HERE

Break periods - begin/end semesters - all Circulation Services work areas 

Projects for break periods can now be found HERE

Lost and Found

Lost and found procedures can now be found HERE

Student scheduling checklist

Can now be found HERE

Circulation Procedures

Various circulation procedures can be found here.

Searching Tips for Finding Missing Books and Other Library Materials

Can now be found HERE

Missing Item Replacement Procedure

See here

Checklist for Circulation 24/7 Exam Hours

See here

Millennium Circulation - Innovative Integrated Library System

Manual Check-out

Off-line Circ Procedures

Borrower Data Base

How to Add a New Borrower

Borrowing policies and procedures

Check here for borrowing policies and guidelines.

Circ staff procedures - following up on overdue materials

Browsing DVD Collection

Davis Family Library

  • Empty cases are shelved under first letter of title (but not necessarily in alphabetical order within each section) in the Davis Family Atrium, behind the Information Desk & New Book shelves
  • DVD’s will be filed by ACCESSION number & LC class in DVD sleeves behind the Circulation Desk & retrieved by Circulation staff when borrowed
  • Loan period is 3 days for students and staff, 14 days for faculty, 4 hours for alums, and may not circulate to non-alum guests


  • Borrower browses in DVD Browsing collection, selects case of DVD to borrow
  • Borrower brings empty case to the Circulation Desk
  • Circulation staff member takes case, retrieves DVD from Media Browsing sleeve in DVD files, leaves empty sleeve in place as marker for DVD when returned, and places the DVD carefully into the case, double checking that they are retrieving the correct DVD, and briefly inspecting the DVD for problems or damage
  • Circulation staff member checks out DVD to patron (ID required), barcode on inside of case, reminds borrower that the item is due in 3 days, and desensitizes the case with DVD inside


  • Borrower returns DVD in case
  • Circulation staff member inspects case and DVD carefully for problems or damage
  • If there is damage noted to case or DVD, follow correct workflow procedure for repair or replacement
  • If there is no damage, Circulation staff member checks item in, and puts the DVD into the correct sleeve in the Media Browsing file
  • Circ puts empty case on the re-shelving shelf – empty DVD cases will be shelved by Circ 
  • Double check that case is empty before shelving
  • Check spine alpha label; replace if needed


  • Read DVD cases
  • Read DVD sleeves
  • Ensure correct, typed call number label on sleeve
  • Ensure 1 disc per sleeve; labeled accordingly (disc 1, disc 2 etc.)
  • If repair is needed, send case, sleeve and disc to P&P; change status to "being repaired"; note problem on blue bindery repair slip and attach to case

Browsing Book Collection

  • Read shelves
  • Alpha by author/editor within category or language
  • Pull for repair/withdraw any badly torn, damaged, worn books

LP, LD and Oversize VHS Collections

LP, LD, oversize VHS Circulation Local Midd requesting only – no NExpress

  • Borrower places a request via email link in catalog (in summer, when requesting is turned on, a web request is possible)
  • In person, the borrower can request that Circ staff place the hold in Mill Circ
  • Select pick-up location
  • Process paging slips
  • Email Special Collections staff to retrieve requested item
  • Special Collections staff deliver to Davis Family Circ
  • In Mill Circ – check in to generate hold/transit
  • Check out to borrower
  • At check-in, hold at Davis Family Circ, special collections shelf
  • If returned to branches – transit to Davis Family in courier bin
  • Email Special Collections staff to pick up for return to Special Collections shelves
  • Or hand deliver to Special Collections
  • LP’s circulate for 2 weeks to all borrowers (except ILL – 60 days)

NExpress Workflow & Procedures - Circulation/ILL

See here

Film Screening Procedures for Circ staff

See here

Carrels and Lockers


Carrel procedures can now be found HERE


Locker procedures can now be found HERE

Loaner Equipment

Equipment procedures can now be found HERE

Circulation Services mailbox - procedures for Circ staff

See here


Reserves procedures can now be found HERE


Stacks procedures can now be found HERE

The QC - Quick Check of carts from P&P - General Guidelines

Procedure for new books from P&P can now be found HERE

Cash and Credit Procedures

See here

Circ staff scheduling/calendar procedures and time guidelines

See here

Customer Service

Customer service information can now be found HERE 

Circulation Services student employees - policies, training, resources, procedures, handbooks

See here

Research - how to help with questions about research and library resources

Research tips can now be found HERE

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