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Two ways to access the mailbox:

  1. Outlook Client: Add Circ Mailbox to your folder list in your personal Outlook mailbox (See Technology Helpdesk web page for documentation on adding a mailbox: Tools – email accounts – bullet view/change existing – next – change – more settings – advanced tab – add (select library_circulation mailbox) – click OK – next – finish) * Note - in the client any mail sent from the Lib Circ Mailbox will go into your personal mailbox sent folder (you will need to delete sent mail more frequently)


    2. Web Mail: Log in to username: library_circulation with current password

General guidelines:

  • Use the Lib Circ mailbox for all departmental communication - it is our link to users and each other
  • Copy the Library Circulation mailbox on all departmental communication so that we retain sent messages for record keeping and follow up purposes
  • If student employee emails a borrower regarding departmental issues, they must copy the Lib Circ mailbox; preferred practice is to not ask students to use their personal email for departmental communication
  • Send departmental communication/replies FROM the Lib Circ mailbox when possible (only creating a separate profile for the Lib Circ mailbox will completely eliminate the link to your personal email box - see Helpdesk for more info about this option)
  • Forward/copy any conversations/replies that end up in your personal mailbox
  • Copy Library Reserve mailbox as needed
  • Copy MDYILL mailbox as needed
  • Copy branch staff as needed to resolve questions pertaining to branch collections
  • Branch staff - copy Lib Circ mailbox for all departmental borrowing/circulation communication
  • Follow up on all messages that are sent to the Library Circulation mailbox during your scheduled hours and in the period between closing and opening prior to your work hours
  • It is the shared responsibility of Circ staff to insure follow up on circulation correspondence
  • Coordinate follow-up with co-workers scheduled at the same time
  • If, for any reason, you do not follow up on a message that you have opened/read, mark the message unread and/or forward as needed
  • Sort messages into archive folders ONLY when FULLY resolved
  • Refer unresolved questions and requests to Circ Services Manager
  • Do not copy borrower on internal communication while resolving question
  • Reply to borrower with a professional, courteous and complete message when following up
  • When replying, edit the Subject line so it is specific to the topic
  • Forward/copy as needed to appropriate LIS work area: Circ, Reserves, ILL, Reference, Liaisons, Helpdesk, LIS Administration, LIS building coordinator, DPS, FM, other LIS areas etc.
  • Lib Circ mailbox is on the Davis Family Student distribution list for student Employee Schedule issues/requests: follow up on schedule issues and adjust Outlook calendar as needed to reflect changes; initial any changes in Outlook calendar; file in folder
  • Lib Circ mailbox is on the Film Screening distribution list; follow up on any problems reported with media; file in folder
  • Music and Armstrong materials/questions: forward message to all Circ staff in relevant branch for follow up; for claims returned or when no supervisor is scheduled, follow up with branch student staff by phone; if searched and found at one of the branches, copy staff at relevant branch when replying to borrower; branch staff - copy Library Circulation when following up with borrower
  • Copy Library Circulation Mailbox on all correspondence
  • Copy/forward Circ Services Manager on billing problems, any unresolved issues; problems, extra long overdues etc.; if in doubt - copy!
  • Email Helpdesk with any media equipment/support and computing issues/requests/support and always copy Lib Circ mailbox
  • Subs, on-call - when covering for regularly scheduled staff, use Web Mail to follow up on any urgent borrower issues, please refer unresolved questions/issues to next scheduled staff member or Circ Manager; if in doubt - leave/mark it unread
  • During closed periods, set "out of office" option in Lib Circ web mail (or in separate profile if you have that set up)

Types of messages

Borrower Communication

  • Follow up on borrower requests, questions, replies to library notices etc.

Student Schedules

  • Follow up on all Davis Family Library student schedule changes, gaps, problems, issues (include Arms/Mus student schedules? May be especially relevant for branch student staff schedule issues/changes during weekends/evenings)
  • Record changes to schedule in Outlook; initial and date

Film Screening Reports

  • Read reports
  • Follow up on any problems with screening media
  • If a film screening assistant is asked to leave the screening media with the faculty they will note it on the report; transfer item to faculty library account

Out of Office

  • Check borrower account and determine how you can best assist (may reflect long out of office, new email, other relevant info needed for follow-up in the case of overdues etc.)
  • Delete when resolved

Spam/junk mail

  • Delete immediately

Bin in Garage/shipping&receiving

  • Pick up courier bin; delete message
  • Leave BOLD if unable to pick it up

Undeliverable and FTS email messages - may be deleted after being resolved

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