Circulation student training archive

Training Modules

  • Attendance required
  • Take attendance - participation is reflected on performance reviews
  • Collaborate with HR, Helpdesk, Media Film Screening, Digital Media Lab (DMT), Stacks and Circ to develop a Customer Service Module - shared concepts, standards and expectations
  • Raise level of tech training for Circ student employees - participate in relevant HD training
  • Encourage cross-training and understanding across all LIS service points
  • Foster an LIS and User Services team ethic
  • Encourage teamwork, partnership, learning, understanding and collaboration
  • Put faces to names
  • Be on the same page; convey a consistent message
  • 6/15 - all student employee lunch?
  • Format? Powerpoint, quiz/test, gameshow, skits, filmclips, online tutorials...what else?
  • Dos and Donts

Meeting Notes -Todd and Elin 6/10/09

Three modules planned

Todd will coordinate  the two all Circ modules; Maura will coordinate the Main-centric module

Customer Service  - required for all Circ student staff

  • HD and Film Screening invited
  • Led by HR
  • 1.5 hour long

General Circ - required for all Circ student staff; presentations by Circ supervisors

  • Policies, confidentiality, attendance, blog, communication, schedule stuff, procedure reminders 
  • Equipment
  • Unique to Summer - BL (and workflow), LS, Mills, Language pledge 
  • Emergency - Davis Family Lib Building Coordinator or Circ sups
  • Print/copy etc
  • ILL/Nexpress
  • Guests - borrowing privileges, print/copy, new print policy, computing and passwords
  • Desktop stats
  • Mosio
  • 1 hour

Mostly Davis Family stuff - required for all Davis Family Circ student staff; encouraged for branches

  • Reserves - Joanne
  • Media and Film Screening - Steve
  • Carrels and Lockers - Steve
  • Stacks- Elin
  • Summer LS research guides - Joy
  • Self-check - Elin
  • P&P/CM - repair, ret to cataloging
  • 1.5 - 2 hours

Considerations for future training/planning: write your thoughts here:

Post all highlights from the meeting topics on the blog - individual posts

Topics that are relevant to all circ desks - not just Davis Family

  • Stacks, re-shelving and LC Easy
  • Mosio, Ref, and LS resources
  • Guest borrowing, guest computing, guest passwords, guest use of facilities

Davis Family only

  • Self-check

Customer Service

  • 5/21 - Customer Service training with HD/DMT's/Media Services students presented by HR/Sheila Andrus - attendance required for all Circ Services students on staff and on campus
  • Week of 6/15 and/or 6/22 - Circ training
  • Mission statement for students:

So you got a job with LIS...but what do you DO? 

Our job in LIS is to ensure that anyone who uses the library is able to access, understand, and use the materials and services we provide. This means organizing the materials, finding the materials, teaching procedures, and explaining practices to anyone and everyone who walks through the doors, as well as providing friendly and timely service at all times.

Provide excellent customer service by:

  • Be the solution
  • Charm the socks off our students, faculty, staff and guests
  • All words and actions say “YES – I am here to help!
  • Be informed – provide knowledgeable service
  • Go above and beyond in every interaction
  • Choose a good attitude every day
  • Everything you do means something
  • Surprise with the unexpected
  • Anticipate needs
  • Emphasize what you can do
  • Take the extra step to help
  • Be active and approachable; hop off your chair, come out from “behind’ the desk
  • Leave your personal stuff at the door
  • Be really nice – all the time
  • Say thank you and please
  • Offer assistance cheerfully
  • You are the voice and ears of LIS
  • Pay attention to the details
  • Attend to the little things
  • Smile and make eye contact
  • Be alert - notice – and acknowledge - every person who comes near
  • You are seen and heard by every user
  • Customer is not always right – but is always the customer
  • Assume the best intentions
  • First impressions go a long way
  • Show that you care
  • Always emphasize the positive
  • Be respectful
  • Respect privacy and confidentiality
  • If you don't know the answer to a question - ASK a supervisor
  • Keep your head up at the desk (not buried in the computer), in order to give a message that you are interested in helping the patron
  • Arrive to work on time, and be ready to jump in
  • Treat people how you would want to be treated
  • Be aware
  • If you aren't happy/awake/friendly, FAKE IT
  • Don't take it personally
  • Stop. Think. Don't panic

Know who knows/resources

  • List of supervisors
    1. ’s to call

 List of FAQ’s


Customer service, 5 forbidden phrases – Nancy Friedman, The telephone Doctor.

  • Forbidden Phrase /  Replacement …
  • I don’t know / “Good Question, Let me look into that for you.”
  • We can’t  / “That’s a tough one, let’s see what we can do” (find an Alternative)
  • You’ll have to / “Here’s how we can help you with that”
  • Hang on a second, I’ll be right back / “I’ll need to ask a supervisor to be sure, are you able to wait while I check into it?”
  • No  / Find a positive alternative, like  “That is currently not available, let's try to find another source.”

KEY SITUATIONS (and good opportunities to role-play)

  • Phone - etiquette and suggested script "Hello, Circulation Desk, this is (your name), how can I help?"
  • Face to face
  • Stressed customers
  • Giving directions
  • Giving handoff
  • Explain what you are doing and how long it will take


Angry Librarian:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XvAakX__cQ&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Flibrarygarden%2Eblogspot%2Ecom%2F2006%2F11%2Fangry%2Dlibrarian%2Dfrom%2Dyou%2Dtube%2Ehtml&feature=player_embedded

Nick Burns: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/nick-burns/2786/

Library customer service: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-k-vfVDOP8

(From Sheila) http://www.stservicemovie.com/

Bill Cosby on presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrRUXsDumrM

5 things I want students to remember or could be printed on a t shirt

  • Customer comes first ( drop/stop what YOU are doing and listen to the customer)
  • Smile. It is painless
  • You are always on display in this job. Goofing off will also be noticed
  • If you don't want to be here, it shows
  • If you don't like helping people, perhaps there is another way to earn money

Circulation Services Student Employee Policies and Expectations

  • Refer to Policy pages for content

LIS, Circulation Desks, Information Desk, Technology Helpdesk, Film Screeners and Wilson Media Lab - who are we? How do we work together?

  • Introductions to service points
  • LIS Org - Helpdesk and Circ are part of the same area
  • Who's who - put faces to names
  • What we do and how our jobs intersect

Branches - Davis Family, Music, Armstrong, Davison

  • Who are we?
  • How are we the same?
  • How are we different?

Facility - copiers, printers, fax, study carrels, lockers, film/fiche, movable stacks, classrooms, viewing carrels

  • Circ shadows HD training where ever possible
  • Film/fiche raders/printers
  • Carrels and lockers - refer to wiki page for content
  • Desktop stats

LS - Summer Policies and Procedures

  • LS at Midd
  • LS at Mills
  • Language Pledge
  • Who to contact/refer to

BLSE - Summer Policies and Procedures

  • Davison Library
  • Requesting workflow

Borrower Guidelines and Information

  • Web documentation - go links

Communication, Schedules and Circulation Blog

  • Blog - required reading at the beginning of every shift - at minimum; comments; desktop link
  • Email distribution groups for scheduling
  • Outlook schedules

Mill Circ Etc.

  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Search/Hold
  • Hold Shelves - Alpha
  • Midcat
  • My Midcat
  • Quality control - how to eliminate errors and mistakes; attention to details, messages, watch the screen

Reserves - Traditional and Electronic


• Shelved LC call number, (browsing books shelved at the beginning of the alphabet).
• Reserve books indicated by green dot on spine and “reserve” pop-up note on millennium record (please replace green dots as needed – located in file drawer marked “reserve supplies”)
• 2 hour (in house use only), 1 day or 3 day (due at midnight). Always check screen for date and time due, and inform borrower.


• 4 hour (in house use only). Also applies to faculty when item is on reserve for more than one course. To check which course an item is on reserve: check message field in item record for course information)
• Reserve media indicated by yellow reserve sticker on item (“reserve” pop-up note will appear on Millennium record)
• Reserve media needed for screening – DO NOT CHECK OUT on the day of screening
• DVD’s processed for reserves must be inspected and cleaned prior to shelving after being put on reserve.


• Loan period same as books (watch the screen and inform patron of date and time due!)
• Reprints are filed alphabetically by author’s last name in reprints file drawer (to the left of the Circ printer).  If the article has no author, file reprint by title.   NOTE:  Look for the red underlined word ~ that's will tell you which letter the reprint is filed under.

Receiving reserve materials at the Circ Desk

• Books and Media– ask faculty to complete purple reserve form with faculty name, course number and loan period. Band all materials together with purple slip. Shelve books on Reserve Processing shelf in reshelving area.
• ERes – materials received across the desk must be clearly marked with faculty name, course number and bib information of materials submitted. Encourage submission of materials with ERes Copyright Clearance form (additional copies of form available in file drawer labeled "Forms")
• Reprints – each reprint must have complete bib information. Stamp reprint with Copyright stamp (located in file drawer labeled "Reserve Supplies"). Complete purple reserve slip, clip or band together and place on Reserve Processing shelf in reshelving area.

What is the ERes password for the summer?

For current password algorithm, click on "Forgot your course password?" from the main ERes coursepage.   After entering your username and password, you will be directed to a page with the password.

Loaner Equipment

  • Presentation to HD/DMT students on 5/22 - Kellam
  • Presentation to All Circ training Mon 6/29

Equipment Training Tutorial

The Library has over sixty different types of equipment available for loan through the Circulation Desk. Most equipment lives at the Davis Family Library, but there are smaller pools of equipment at the Armstrong and Music Libraries as well. All of it is available for short-term loan to help support the College community's computing, recording, and presentation needs.

"Borrowing Equipment" page on the LIS website

This page is an overview of our most popular equipment, and includes booking info and loan period guidelines, quick tips, links to manuals, and MIDCAT availability.


It is also a Go link! Simply typego/equipment into your browser.

How to Search for Equipment in Millennium or MIDCAT

  • Many equipment-related questions will come to you in person and over the phone. It is important to know how to identify the equipment that lives at the Circulation Desk. In Millennium: choose the "Search/Holds" button and do a "Genre" search for "equipment." In MIDCAT: do a "Genre" search for "equipment." Both will pull up a complete, alphabetical listing of all equipment at the Library.
  • A "Title" search for a specific piece of equipment ("camcorder" or "firewire drive") in MIDCAT and Millennium will pull up that specific piece of equipment instead of the comprehensive list.
  • When you select a specific piece of equipment (an iBook laptop, for example), you can see how many we own, where they live (Davis Family, Armstrong, or Music), and their status (checked out, available, being repaired, etc).

Checking Out Equipment to Borrowers

  • Only students, faculty, and staff of the College can borrow equipment. Alumni and community borrowers cannot. Our equipment is in high demand and intended for short-term use. Any requests for an extended loan period must be referred to a supervisor for special permission.
  • Borrowers must always present a College ID in order to check out equipment. If they are checking out a laptop or an iPod, they must also read and sign an agreement form at the Circulation Desk.
  • When you check out a piece of equipment, be sure to carefully read all messages that pop up. These are extremely important as they alert you to check for accessories that belong with the equipment. Here is one example of a message (for a camcorder): "Check for 4 items in case: camcorder; battery pack; power adapter with power cable attached; firewire cable." If you are ever unsure of what you are looking for, please ask a supervisor. Never assume that a piece of equipment has every accessory it needs, as sometimes accessories are missing and weren't returned when the item was last borrowed. Please check thoroughly every time.
  • Once the item is checked out, please clearly state the day and time that the item is due. Often, the item is needed by another borrower as soon as it's returned, so it is our job to communicate the loan period each and every time we check out equipment so that there is no confusion.

Booked Equipment

  • All equipment available at the Library can be booked ahead of time -- anywhere from one day in advance to many months in advance. Please refer all requests for equipment reservations to a Circulation Supervisor.
  • When a borrower comes to the Circulation Desk and says that a piece of equipment is being held for them, you will find it in the equipment closet on the "Booked Circ Equipment" shelf. The item will have a booking slip attached, stating the name of the borrower and the dates of the loan period. Please remove and discard the booking slip once the item has been checked out to the borrower. Booked laptops for faculty and staff can be found in the Laptop storage unit in the equipment area. Please let a supervisor know if you have any questions about something that is booked.
  • The Media Services department (which handles the equipment for all special events and lectures on campus) also has a large pool of equipment that is available for loan. Their pool of equipment is not barcoded and cannot be found in MIDCAT or Millennium. Media Services handles all reservations and establishes the loan periods for each item. When an item from this pool is reserved, someone from Media Services will bring it to Circulation and place it on the "Media Services Equipment: Pick Ups" shelf. The borrower's name will be on the equipment, and it can just be handed to the borrower when they come to pick it up -- no need to check it out like you would the equipment at the Circulation Desk.

Checking In Equipment When Returned

  • If the Circ Desk is very busy, please wait until things have calmed down before checking in equipment. It's important to take your time and assess that all accessories are in the bag, that the equipment is in good condition (nothing is broken/dirty/otherwise damaged), and to remove any ephemera from the bag (gum wrappers, paper, etc). If anything is missing, or appears to be damaged, DO NOT CHECK IT IN. Please hand the item to a Circulation Supervisor who will follow up with the borrower. Just as we ask you to never assume that everything is accounted for when you're checking something out -- the same goes for checking in equipment. Never assume that the borrower has returned every accessory -- often times they have not. Or, sometimes they will return too much -- personal accessories that don't belong in the equipment bag.
  • Once all accessories are accounted for, and the item is checked in, please help to tidy up the bag. That means that all cords are neatly wrapped with rubber bands, accessories are in their proper place, and so on. We want the equipment case to look really nice. We take the use and care of our valuable equipment very seriously, but if a borrower receives an equipment bag that is in complete disarray, they will have little motivation to return it to us in any better condition. Let's set a good example for the use of our equipment by treating it well.
  • We have the ability to reformat all external hard drives and Faculty/Staff Macbook laptops upon return, meaning that with a few easy steps we can reset these devices back to their "original" state (deleting all peronal data). When a drive or Macbook is returned, please place them on the work table in the equipment area. A supervisor must reformat them before they are able to circulate to the next borrower.

Equipment Needing Repair, or Missing Accessories

  • Sometimes a piece of equipment, or an accessory, will stop working. A 20G iPod refuses to turn on, or a camcorder battery will no longer charge. Please get as many details about the problem as possible from the borrower, and then fill out an "Equipment Repair Slip" on Kellam's desk and tape it to the equipment. Please fill the slip out completely, and make sure to mark the item as "being repaired" in Millennium before leaving it on Kellam's desk. The only time you don't want to mark something as "being repaired" would be if repairs were needed because a borrower damaged the equipment. In that case, please leave it on the borrower's record so we can follow up re: replacement costs and billing.

Heavily Used Equipment

  • The most heavily used equipment at Circ is our pool of loaner laptops for students (Dell D620s and iBooks), along with their power adapters. Headphones follow right behind in popularity. What do all of these items have in common? CORDS! Lots of lots of cords, all of which needs constant attention and to be tidied with rubber bands at each check-in. Once again, we want to present our equipment in a professional way so that our users know that it's something to be treated with care and used responsibly. Also, it just looks good! Please take a moment to wrap a power adapter with a rubber band at check-in.

Media Collection

  • Policies and procedures
  • Browsing DVD's
  • What to do when case is returned without disc

Film Screenings

  • Policy - may not be borrowed on day of screening before the scheduled screening

ILL and NExpress

  • How are they different?
  • Workflow
  • Checking out
  • Returns


  • LC Easy tutorial
  • 1:1 or small group training with Stacks Supervisor
  • Searching Tips
  • Training Tips
  • Bookstacks: Please watch for stuff out of place. Correct shelf errors, untidy shelves. Books that are a half-mile from their correct location, throw on your cart & leave on holding shelves with their brothers & sisters.
  • Overloaded shelves: Make adjustments as necessary so the items you need to add will fit comfortably.If you can't adjust to fit, consult with a supervisor.
  • Watch for stowaways: If the spine tag says "oversize", "VT Coll", "Ref", "Periodicals", "Armstrong", "Music" ANYTHING other than just the LC number, don't shelve it. Watch for reserve items, ILL, NExpress books. If you think you smell a rat, you smell a rat.
  • The book carts: pre-sequence the stuff you are about to re-shelve. Please organize ONLY the books you expect to shelve yourself immediately, return any you're unable to complete to holding shelves-- do not leave sorted carts for "the next guy". Likewise, please don't take the time to sort the holding shelves, they don't stay sorted for long, trust me; but it would be nice if you could take a second to tidy up holding shelves that have got tumblydown.
  • Questions about anything else, PLEASE ASK.

Reference and Research

  • Quick Ref; the Ref interview, refer to Ref, LS guides - paper and on-line - Subsplus

Collections Management and P&P

Status "Being Repaired" - going to P&P for physical fixing

Status "In Process" - going to Cataloging for item record fixing

Emergency and Safety

  • Emergency Manual
  • Public Safety - personal safety; calling PS, details, description and location of incidents, closing walk-through; escort service; call and report
  • Public Safety

Guest Policies and Guidelines

  • Borrowing privileges - refer to Circulation Manager
  • Web pages - guest borrowing policies
  • Print/copy
  • Guest computingand passwords

Self-Check machine

  • An option - not required
  • Books only
  • Encourage use if here is a line, if people are in a hurry
  • Help teach users

Q & A 

  • Questions?
  • Suggestions for future training sessions?

Follow Up

  • Feedback/survey for planning next training session
  • Test and Quiz?
  • Game show type contest with teams of students competing?

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