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Claiming procedures for Acq

Run report/s once (or more) per month: choose a day (1st or 30th or 15th) and then set the order date to usually 2 weeks prior to current date.

General Acq Arrival Times

  • Domestic Rush orders usually arrive within one week
  • Domestic nonRush orders usually arrive within two weeks
  • Foreign Rush orders usually arrive within two weeks
  • Foreign nonRush orders usually arrive within four weeks

Millennium Listmaking

===== Create list for claims

Record type = Order

  1. Go to Saved Search tab
  2. Currently it is line 69: claimACQ
  3. Edit and change order date
  4. save; yes
  5. Back to Review Files tab
  6. Retrieve claimAcq search with accurate dates
  7. Select
  8. Search

(In case the saved search ever gets lost—here are the parameters:

  1. Order status = (O) On order
  2. Vendor (22) is not equal to PENDQ
  3. Bib linked record does not exist to item record
  4. Order date is less than xx/xx/xx)

Items with vendor code PENDQ are not on order. We keep trying to obtain these long OP items. Every so often they appear in an affordable form from ABE, Amazon or Bookfinder and we can then close that order.

Export records

  • Bib record Title
  • Ord record 13 Order date
  • Ord record 22 vendor
  • Ord record Z internal note
  • Ord record 81 record number

If you reuse the same line on CREATE LIST (currently 86) the export instructions are saved Browse—save onto your desktop (or wherever you wish)

CHANGE suffix from txt to csv before SAVING OK

Copy csv file to google doc sheet : claim report Update file. This is shared.

Check everything

  • Do the BIB records attached to these ON ORDER records have item records: that means the books arrived but we did not pay for them. This usually means we have to go to the vendor online and print an invoice and then give it to MAM for cc processing.
  • Do these orders exist as duplicates? The book could have been cataloged on another record and the order never overlaid. So do a title search to see if a copy has been cataloged within the last month. In this case we’ll need to transfer the order record onto the cataloged record and delete the original bib.
  • You have to read the internal notes. Often a book has been cancelled by its first or second vendor and we have reordered it…but the original order date has fallen within the search parameters. So these may not need to be claimed.

Now you should have an accurate list of titles that were ordered but have not yet arrived.

How to claim orders

Go to vendor website and check status of order

When order has shipped

  • domestic rush vendors Amazon and Abebooks provide excellent information online for our accounts.
  • Foreign vendors also have online databases so order status can be checked.

These do not need to be claimed; items are on the way. Put internal note in order record: 10/1/12 item shipped 9/19/12. If you suspect that the shipping is taking far too long contact the vendor and ask for tracking information. Sometimes foreign vendors will take longer and some Abebook vendors are foreign even though we place the order with an American company.

When order has not yet shipped

  • Contact the vendor and ask why delayed?
  • If rush request, notify requestor about possible delay.

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