Clients (Web Help Desk)

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Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Client admin roles

We don't use this.

Client custom fields

  • Username: this is different than the WHD-assigned string of numbers and letters called User Name (two words). This is where we store the Midd username (i.e. dfrostma)
  • College ID: College ID number
  • Alternate email address: If the client wants or needs to be contacted at an email address other than @middlebury.edu
  • Title: from Job title field in Banner
  • Department: from Department filed in Banner (NOTE: Does not correspond to Department list in Assets)
  • Campus location: From Banner (NOTE: Does not correspond to the ticket location. Banner and WHD locations to not speak to one another.)
  • Role:
  • Priority setting: Used to trigger a VIP action rule. This field is populated manually based on a VIP list. (See also: Action Rules)

AD/LDAP connections

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