Closing Davis Family Library

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CLASSROOMS: LIB 201, 230, 105, 140, 145 Clear and lock all classrooms. Clear the Wilson Media Lab.

VIEWING CARRELS and VIEWING ROOMS (can be assigned to students)

Turn off any viewing station monitors that are still on, especially in viewing rooms/classrooms on main and lower levels.

(It's important to shut down the *displays/TVs* in any viewing rooms or viewing stations. We recommend this in order to extend the life of the displays/monitors used for viewing and save power; it is unnecessary to shut down the computers or computer monitors, as they turn off on their own)


  • Turn off individual reading lamps in upper level reading rooms.
  • Lock Bitner Terrace


  • announcements can be made an hour and half hour before closing, at the supervisor's discretion.
  • at 15 min prior to closing, use the P.A.: “Your attention please; the Library will be closing in 15 minutes.”
  • At closing, turn off the lights using the panel next to the entrance to 250. Press the "all off" button to turn off the lights.
  • After the lights go out, use the P.A.: “The library is closing now. Everyone must leave the library before (whatever time we close), however the Wilson Café may be used for study 24/7. Anyone remaining in the library after it is closed will charged with unauthorized access and may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.  Please return materials to the circulation desk.”  

SHIPPING/RECEIVING AREA (can be done on your way out of the building if you have your own general Circ key)

  • Bring Armstrong and/or Music books to put into courier bins
  • Davison bins are never brought to the shipping/receiving area at closing – there is no regular on-campus delivery service to Davison (during the summer we have a separate courier system in place)


  • At closing, check status of laptops in Mill Circ. (search by title, sort by due date).  Confirm that the laptops are indeed still out by checking each patron record (if a laptop is out but an adapter is not, it's likely that they were both returned and laptop has not been checked in), and by counting the number of laptops present in the cabinets versus the number which should be there.
  • If laptops are not returned by 15 minutes after closing, send personal emails (see template below) to borrowers reminding them that the laptop is overdue and that they need to get in touch with Circ first thing the next morning. Copy the Library Circulation mailbox on these emails.
  • It is the responsibility of the closing supervisor to make every effort to insure the return of laptops before leaving - this may include a walk-through to look for the laptop (if it is out to a thesis student - check their carrel assignment via the key on their record)
  • (Please use this as a template for your messages to students when they haven't returned laptops by the end of the evening. Remember to CC the Lib Circ mailbox)

Dear _____. Our records show that you checked out a laptop earlier today which was due at ____, making it ___ hours overdue. Please return it immediately, or at the very latest, by opening tomorrow morning. Laptops are not allowed to leave the library under any circumstances. Your library account is currently blocked, and you will need to speak with a supervisor to reinstate borrowing privileges. If this happens a second time, you may lose the privilege of borrowing laptops. If the laptop is not returned, you may be liable for the $2,000.00 replacement cost. Please contact us immediately regarding this problem. Best regards, _______________(supervisor's name) Library Circulation

FRONT DESK (assigned to student employees)

  • Check in and sort all returns on appropriate carts, shelves, etc.
  • Log off all but 1 computer – leave one on until 15 minutes after closing for patrons returning materials.
  • Shut down two computers in equipment area: one Dell and one iBook laptop


  • Unplug credit card machine and place it in the "keys" drawer.
  • Lock cash drawer under main counter (key with beaded keychain), media closet and fac/staff laptop closet (regular Circ key), laptop cart (laptop cart key), iPod cabinets (iPod cabinet keys), return keys to key drawer.
  • Lock key drawer, return key to key cabinet in Circ Office.
  • Lock Circ Office - 250A (lock on inside of door)

Note: if you have any problems (patrons refusing to leave, front doors not locking automatically, etc.) call Public Safety at x5911.


  • Main front doors lock automatically. Contact Campus Safety x5911 with any problems
  • Verify that library hours signage at front and back doors is correct- especially before/after any change in hours

Before leaving, the Evening Supervisor should give the ol' "once over" to the Circ area and make sure things are tidy and fully closed up for the night.

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