Cloud Overview

As Middlebury transitions services to the cloud for improved convenience and accessibility, we'd like to provide some basic terminology for reference. Click the name in bold for more information.

  • The Cloud: refers to files or services located elsewhere and accessed via the Internet, as opposed to being hosted locally on Middlebury's servers. This approach allows for cost savings due to scale, and better accessibility from off-campus.
  • Office 365: Microsoft's name for all of their cloud services, including Hosted Exchange (Outlook Web Access aka Webmail), OneDrive, Sharepoint, Office Online, etc.
  • Google Apps for Education: Google's name for their cloud services, also known as Google Suite. Includes Google Drive, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, etc.

Why should I care?

Middlebury is moving more and more services to the cloud. As of late 2016, we've already moved e-mail to Office 365, and we're currently focusing on "home" directories on Middfiles. We'd like you to move your data from your home directory to either OneDrive or Google Drive ASAP. (If you haven't been using any of those services, now's the time to start so your data is backed up!!) For instructions, see Migrating Files from Middfiles using OneDrive.

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