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Collection Management Systems

Monthly statistics

(To be done on the first working day of each month.)

Find and open the Excel file "monthly millennium stats 2010" in O:\orgs\LIS\LISstaff\ILS Implementation-III

Enter the date, then paste the previous month's "ending record" into the "starting record" column.

Open the SSH Secure shell client; connect to host biblio using appropriate username and password.

Make the following choices as the menus present: M (Management) I (Information) F (File) S (System status)

Copy (NOTE: Ctrl/c will NOT work - use ctrl/insert or choose 'copy' from the edit menu) and paste the "Last rec #" on the line for bib records from the SSH window into the spreadsheet in the "Ending record" column. Copy and paste the "Current #" from the SSH window into the spreadsheet in the "record count" column.

Choose Quit in the SSH window.

Monthly Government Documents load

(Done every four weeks)

Find and open the Excel file "monthly millennium stats 2010" in O:\orgs\LIS\LISstaff\ILS Implementation-III

Login to the Millennium client using the mmcat login and catsup initials.

Choose Data Exchange from the left column.

In the pull-down menu labeled Select Process (center of window near the top), choose "Load records via locally-created load profiles"

Click on the button near the top of the window labeled "Get FTS"

From the pull-down menu, choose edx.oclc.org

Enter the username and password. (Password expires frequently; create a new one by entering old pw/new pw/new pw (8+ characters required)

In the lower left corner, choose Binary and check the "Rename files on transfer" box.

In the box near the lower right, enter ‘edx.gdoc.mdy.ftp’ (including single quotes); do NOT copy and paste (apparently not all single-quotes are created equal). Then click the Remote filename button.

There will be a list of files in the box above the Remote filename box/button. Select the appropriate file (based on the date in the file name), then click on the Get button. In the box, type in a new file name; (use lowercase letters and no extension e.g. gov051231) [Close the current window?]

In the "Load locally produced..." list of files highlight the file just retrieved (govyymmdd.lfts) and press the Prep(rocess) button in the top bar. This will create a govyymmdd.lmarc file. Highlight that file, then click the Load G button on the top bar (be sure to choose the correct Load button). At the bottom of the window are "Test" and "Load"(?) options. It's generally not necessary to test; click the Load(?) button.

After a few minutes the records will be loaded. Choose the Print button at the top and email the file to yourself. When received, change the subject heading and forward to Lynn (or Ginny).

The starting and ending bib record numbers and number of records read and overlayed should be entered in the Millennium statistics spreadsheet. If it's inconvenient to do it at this point, they can be retrieved later by selecting the govyymmdd.errlog file, then choose View, then the Statistics tab to retrieve the numbers. When a load is done, the files from the previous month's load should be deleted.

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