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== Creating Lists in Blackwell's Collection Manager (BCM) ==
*'''Click in the box next to the title to mark the title; then click ''Add Titles to List''.'''[[Image:Collmgrblackwell1.jpg|frame|none]]
*'''Pick a list you've already created or create a new one (call it what you want).'''[[Image:Collmgrblackwell2.jpg|frame|none]]
*'''The item will be flagged in BCM as being on a hold list.'''[[Image:Collmgrblackwell3.jpg|frame|none]]
*'''You can also use the ''Library notes'' link to record information that will remind you why the item is a hold. A red triangle appears next to ''Library notes'' to alert you that there's a note.'''[[Image:Collmgrblackwell4.jpg|frame|none]]
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