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===== Students, Staff and Faculty of Middlebury College =====
===== Information about College borrowers can now be found on the [https://www.middlebury.edu/library/about/policies/library-borrowing#information-for-college borrowers borrowers College Borrowers section of the library website]. =====
*Your Midd ID is your library card.
*[http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/General_Borrowing_Information#Loan_Periods Loan Periods]
===== Proxy Borrower Information (Faculty only)  =====
Proxy Borrowers are students, staff or TA's designated by Faculty members that may check out library materials on behalf of that faculty member.
Application Form can be found [https://forms.middlebury.edu/academics/lib/borrow/application-for-proxy-borrower-card here]
*The Faculty member is responsible for all items checked out by the Proxy Borrower
*All materials checked out on a Proxy Borrower Card are subject to recall; recalls are the responsibility of the Faculty member
*It is the responsibility of the Faculty member to know when all Library materials are due
*It is the responsibility of the Faculty member to return (or arrange for transfer) all Library materials by the end of the proxy contract period
*If ILL materials will be requested/picked up by the research assistant for delivery to the Faculty member, requests must be made with the Faculty member's ILLIAD account, or through a single Proxy ILLIAD account in the faculty's name. Please follow the instructions for creating a proxy ILLIAD account. Items ordered on the research assistant's ILLIAD account may not be checked out with a Proxy Borrowing Card
*Please note that personal account information on My Midcat will not show items checked out on the proxy card
*Proxy account information may be viewed on the web using the barcode ID number on the proxy card
*Departmental proxy accounts must designate one primary Faculty member to take responsibility for all materials borrowed on the card
===== Spouse/Partner of College Employee  =====
*Spouses or domestic partners of benefits-eligible employees who are eligible to receive a Spouse/Partner card at Public Safety
*[http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/General_Borrowing_Information#Loan_Periods Loan Periods]
===== Dependent of College Employee  =====
*Dependents of benefits-eligible academic year employees are eligible to receive a library card
*Parent/guardian must submit the application
*Parent/guardian assumes responsibility for all materials checked out on their dependent's account
===== Reciprocal Borrowing at Other Vermont Institutions  =====
The Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries (VCAL) has developed policies and procedures for faculty members to borrow materials when visiting other academic libraries in the state. Participating institutions and an application form can be found [http://vcal802.wordpress.com/circulation-policies/ here].  Loan periods and policies are determined by the lending institution.
For more information, please visit the [http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/lib/depts/main/interlibrary_loan/ILL Interlibrary Loan website] or contact Middlebury's Davis Family Library Circulation Desk: library_circulation@middlebury.edu, or x5494.
'''Students and Staff'''
Reciprocal borrowing is not available. Please use [http://ill.middlebury.edu/illiad/mdy/logon.html Interlibrary Loan] to request materials from other libraries, or check the Davis Family Library Circulation Desk for more information.
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Information about College borrowers can now be found on the borrowers borrowers College Borrowers section of the library website.
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