Comic books, comic strips, graphic novels

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  • Fixed fields: Contents: 6 (replaces code c in Literary form)
  • Call number: Class comic books and graphic novels, as defined below, in the appropriate numbers in PN6700-PN6790. Do not class comic books or graphic novels in numbers for individual literary authors in the PB-PT schedules.
  • Other materials. Class materials that have some characteristics of comic books and graphic novels but that do not fully conform to the description in sec. 1, as follows:
    a. Collections of single panel cartoons, single photographs with balloon captions, etc., that have no continuing narrative line. Class in NC1300-NC1763.
    b. Fictional narratives that consist essentially of text written in book style with occasional illustrations employing comic characters (with or without balloon dialogue). Class as literary works, i.e. in individual literary author numbers
    c. Nonfiction works written in comic book style. Class in the appropriate topical numbers in classes A-Z.
    d. "Photo novels," i.e. novels that consist almost entirely of photographs (with or without balloon dialogue). Class in the numbers for comic books, strips, etc., in PN6700-PN6790.
  • Subject headings
    ~ 655 Comic books, strips, etc. OR655 Graphic novels
    ~ 650 $v Comic books, strips, etc.
    ~ 650 American [etc.] wit and humor, Pictorial