Common Requests for Access to Enterprise Systems

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New staff, or staff changing roles, commonly need access to the systems found on this page.
The systems a staff member needs access to will depend on the role. Check with your supervisor or department before requesting access if unsure.

Banner INB (Internet Native Banner)

The request is usually created by the staff member's supervisor. Please include the previous staff member's name in the request detail if the new staff member if filling an existing position or role. This will simplify granting access to your new staff person.

This form is also used to remove or change a staff member's access to Banner INB.

Hyperion Workspace, also known as EPM 11 or Hyperion EPM 11

Hyperion Workspace is used to view published reports. Please includes the folders or reports the staff member will need access to for their work.

This form is also used to remove or change a staff member's access to Hyperion Workspace.

Argos Reporting System

  • Please contact charlottep@middlebury.edu to request an account at this time.

Argos will be replacing Hyperion Workspace during FY 18.

Hyperion Budget and Finance

  • Please contact Chris West cwest@middlebury.edu to request access.

Hyperion Budget and Finance (not the same as Hyperion Workspace used for reporting) is a finance and budgeting application often used by budget administrators.

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