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== Networking and Internet  ==
== Networking and Internet  ==
*[[Connecting to the Middlebury network]]
*[[Get Started with Wireless]]
*[[Campus Manager and Quarantine]]
*[[Wireless Availability at Middlebury]]
*[[Wired Availability at Middlebury]]
==== Our network on campus  ====
==== Our network on campus  ====

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Other email clients


Networking and Internet

Our network on campus

Links to network resources:

File Servers

Middlebury's file server cluster is called Middfiles -- it contains storage areas for individuals, classes, departments and organizations. Files stored on Middfiles are secure, accessible, and backed up.

Printers (Network)

The following applies to installation of network printers to college-owned computers.  Authenticaiton is required for printing, and most college-owned computers are bound to the middlebury.edu domain.  This is an important prerequisite.

For your personal computer:


Off-campus Access

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