Comparison of Email Clients for Macs

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Feature/Client Entourage Mac Mail v10.5 Mac Mail v10.6 IMAP (Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc) Outlook Web Access (Webmail) - Firefox, Safari
Officially supported client for our e-mail server^^^ Y (v13) N N N Y
Does it stop working during major server upgrades Y (v13 should be most resilient) Y Y (may be slightly more resilient) Y Y
Support for giving and using delegate permissions  Y N  ??? N Y (cannot grant)
Public Folders Y N N N Y
Global Address List (GAL) Y Partial Partial Via LDAP Y
Single password for sending/receiving/GAL Y N N N Y
Personal Distribution Groups Only local Only local Local + Server (read-only) Only Local Y
Access to GAL off-campus without VPN N N N N Y
Server-side Out of Office Reply Y N N N Y
Exchange Address Book configured simultaneously with email account Y N Y N Y
Check Names feature polls GAL Y N (by default) Y N Y
Address Book stored on server Y (default) N N N Y
Exchange Calendar configured simultaneously with email account Y N N but easy to add N Y
Calendar stored on server Y (default) N N but can be synced N Y
Support for Task Items to be stored on server Y (default) N N N Y
Recover Deleted Items N N N N Y
Can encrypt and read encrypted messages out of the box Y N N N Internet Explorer Only
Rich Text Editing Y Y Y Y Y
Drag and Drop Y Y Y Y Y (except attaching files)
Full Message and Folder List in Navigation Bar  Y Y Y Y Y
Easily select multiple messages Y Y Y Y Y
Delivery and read receipt out of the box N N N N Y
Meeting Scheduling - Free/Busy Report Y N N N Y
Speed OK (better with v13) Good Good  ??? Good-ish

^^^ Microsoft guarantees that this client will work with our e-mail server across upgrades. This is not guaranteed for any other client except Webmail.

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