Computer Labs

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Computer Labs

Middlebury College has several academic computer labs that are open to any student, faculty, or staff member who needs to use them. All public computer labs have printers.

Building Room - Computer Type
Bicentennial Hall Room 116/117

*# Windows Room 161 – Windows

Armstrong Library – Windows

Sunderland Language Center ILC1

*# Windows ILC2*# – Macintosh

ILC3 * Windows

Room 121 – Windows and Macintosh

Room 202 – Windows

Munroe Hall 214

*# Windows

New Library# Room 105* – Windows

Room 140* – Windows

Main level workstations Windows and Macintosh

Windows and Macintosh laptops are available for 4-hour checkouts

Robert A. Jones, ‘59 House Basement – Windows
Center for the Arts Music Library

# Windows

* These rooms are available when classes are not scheduled.

# These rooms have scanners.

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