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This page contains information about where to find publicly-available computers and printers, what software is installed, how to see if a space has been reserved for a class or other event, and who to contact to reserve spaces.

How to Use This Page

  • Click on (25Live) next to each classroom to check the class schedule for that location. These 25Live links give you the most up to date schedule for a particular space, as scheduled by the Events Management and Registrar's Offices.
  • Click on [Map] next to each classroom to find that location on the College's own interactive campus map.
  • General Hours of Operation are listed in the next section.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk.


Finding Software on Public Computers

Installed software varies by location. Check this list to confirm that a desired location will have what you need:

Public Spaces Available for Use


Computer Classrooms

NOTE: Headphones and headsets are removed from lab spaces after Language School.

Room # of Computers Scheduling Location on Campus Scanner Availablity Headphone Availability Microphone Availability Hours Available
Axinn 105 RTENOTITLE  20 + 1 instructor station (25Live) [Map] 1 Summer Only Summer Only

Sa-Su: 9a-10p

Mo-Fr: 7a-11p

Davis Family Library 140 -  36 + 1 (25Live) [Map] 0     go/lib?hours
Davis Family Library 220 (Wilson Media Lab) RTENOTITLE 17 + 1 instructor station by Lib-ITS[1] [Map] 4   Summer Only   go/lib?hours
McCardell Bicentennial Hall 116 24 + 1 instructor station (25Live)
and (Sched.)
[Map] 0 Summer Only Summer Only


McCardell Bicentennial Hall - Armstrong 161 12 + 1 instructor station by Lib-ITS[1] [Map] 0 Summer Only Summer Only go/lib?hours
Munroe Hall 208   (25Live) [Map] 0   Summer Only  
Sunderland 122 20 + 1 instructor station (25Live) [Map] 0 Summer Only Summer Only  
Sunderland 202 RTENOTITLE 20 + 1 instructor station (25Live) [Map] 2   Summer Only    

Apporto Virtual Computer Lab

[ Using the Apporto Virtual Computer Lab ]


N/A Any time Any classroom 0 N/A N/A 24/7


Lectern and Podium Computers

Here are all the spaces on campus that have a podium (aka lectern) computer - basically a dedicated computer at the podium.

Name and Availability Schedule Location on Map Hours of Operation
All of the Computer Classrooms listed above have a podium computer.        

Auditoriums and classrooms:

Hillcrest: 103, 200
Dana and Twilight Auditoriums
Pearsons MAX Kade, Gifford Annex Class.
RAJ Conference Room

(25Live) [Map]
Mahaney Arts Center (MAC):
MAC 125
MAC 126
MAC 209

Schedule (25Live):


[Map] Mon-Sun 7am-1am
McCardell Bicentennial Hall Lecture Halls:
MBH 104
MBH 216
MBH 219
MBH 220
(25Live) [Map] Mon-Sun 7am-1am
McCullough Student Center (25Live) [Map] Standard faculty/staff image. Note Dave Klopfer stores this laptop in a secure location and it circulates in McCullough as needed. N/A
Old Chapel: OCH Boardroom, OCH 206 and OCH 401 (25Live) [Map] go/software. While 206 and 401 are regular lab/podium computers, the Boardroom podium computer has the standard faculty/staff image. 7am-5pm
Sunderland: SDL 130 (25Live) [Map]    
Warner Lecture Halls:
202, 203, 207, 208, Hemicycle, 506, 507
Schedule (25Live):
[Map] Mon-Fri 7am-11pm
Sat-Sun 9am-11pm


Public Labs (non-classroom spaces) with computers

These are spaces that are open to the College community but are outside classrooms. Typically, these spaces have carrels with computers. It is not possible to schedule these spaces - they are open and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Name # of Computers Location on Map Scanners Hours of Operation
Davis Family Library - Main Level RTENOTITLE 44 + 11 kiosks[2] [Map] 2 go/lib?hours
Davis Family Library - Upper Level 6 + 2 kiosks[2] [Map] 0 go/lib?hours
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - Armstrong Library 20 + 2 kiosks[2] [Map] 0 go/lib?hours
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - MBH525 4 [Map] 0 See the MBH website.
Robert A. Jones House :

Top Floor Presentation Space

1 instructor station [Map] 0

Sat-Sun 12pm-11pm
Mon-Fri 7am-11pm

Departmental Computer Classrooms

Name # of Computers Schedule Scanners Headphones Microphones Hours of operation
Center for the Arts - CFA320 (midi stations) 3 25Live 0 Yes Yes Scheduled internally through Music department.
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - MBH234 (arachnid lab) 8 Scheduled internally by Biology dep't 0 No No See the MBH website.
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - MBH516-520 8

Schedule (25Live): 




0 No No See the MBH website.
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - MBH317 (Main GIS/Geology Lab/Classroom) 15 + 1 (25Live)       See the MBH website.
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - MBH318 (GIS Cart/Portable Lab) 6 Scheduled internally by Geograhy and Geology dep't       See the MBH website.
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - MBH319 (GIS/Geology Seminar Room / Lab) 14 + 1 (25Live)       See the MBH website.
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - MBH326 (GIS/Geology Specialized Lab/classroom) 6 Scheduled internally by Geograhy and Geology dep't       See the MBH website.
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - MBH555 (Chemistry/Bioinformatics teaching lab/classroom) 9 Scheduled internally by Chemistry and Biology dep't       See the MBH website.
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - MBH505 (Computer science Mac lab) 23 + 1 (25Live)       See the MBH website.
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - MBH632 (Computer science PC lab) 24 (25Live)       See the MBH website.
Center for the Arts - CFA210 (Electronic Music Studio/Classroom) 9 (25Live)        
Johnson 208 (Photography Lab/Classroom) 8 (25Live)        
Johnson 206 (Computer Lab) 18 Scheduled internally by HARC, Studio Art & Theater (25Live)        
Axinn Basement FMMC Classroom/Lab 15 Scheduled internally by FMMC        
Johnson 407 (Architecture Classroom/Lab) 2 Scheduled internally by HARC        
Johnson 204 (Architecture Classroom/Lab) 2 Scheduled internally by HARC        
Munroe 111 2 Scheduled internally by SOAN        
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - MBH464/467 (Biology laptop lab) 10 Schedule (25Live):
McCardell Bicentennial Hall - MBH563 (Chemistry laptop lab) 12 (25Live)        


Hours of operation

  • The schedule of our Libraries can be found here: go/lib?hours.
  • In general, other buildings are open 7am - midnight .

Availability of Academic and Public Computing Facilities

Scheduling Academic Computing Facilities (Classrooms)

Academic computing facilities are scheduled for course instruction by the Course Scheduling Office. For reserving a classroom for any other use, faculty, staff and student may contact the Event Scheduling Office. The web pages of these offices provide a better description of the guidelines for reserving academic spaces including computer classrooms. Note that the schedule/availability of each space is published on 25Live Pro. In this table we've also included direct links to the schedule for most popular computer classrooms.

Availability of Public Computers

Public computer facilities (e.g. Library carrel computers) are not available for reservation. These spaces are open when the respective building is open (exact times in this table) and are available on a first come, first serve basis to students, faculty and staff. Other patrons may use these spaces if they are available though may be asked to yield the space to students, faculty and staff.

Downtime of Academic and Public Computing Facilities

ITS reserves the right to perform maintenance on academic and public computing facilities any Sunday, between 3AM and 10AM, as well as anytime during the last weekend of the year. Other downtime may be scheduled during the academic year (including recesses), though this will be coordinated with the Offices of Course and Event Scheduling. Downtime is used for crucial updates to the hardware and software, as well as preventative maintenance. 


Notes and References

  1. 1.0 1.1 These locations are only available to Library and ITS staff, with some exceptions. The locations are scheduled internally through Library and ITS. Individuals may use these locations when there is nothing scheduled. The schedule is usually posted outside each location in the plaque with the room number.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Kiosks, also known as

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