Computer Models Supported by the Universal Desktop Image (UDI)

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The Universal Desktop Image is a pre-configured operating system, combined with a set of software packages. It's meant to:

- deliver the newest software

- unify the look of computers that the College supports, thus making it easier for you to use the computer and for LIS to provide assistance

- keep your computer safe and up-to-date.

Only recent computers purchased by the College are supported. This, effectively, excludes most student-owned computers and faculty/staff-owned computers. This is a broad list of the models supported by the UDI:


Optiplex: GX620, 745, 755, 760, 780.

Latitude: D620, D630, E6400

For public and private computer labs, in addition to the above, we also have to support Optiplex: 260, 270, 280; Dimension 9450 and Latitude D610.  


- MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

- Intel-based Desktops: iMac, Mac mini, MacPro.

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