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Deciding on a computer purchase

Do I have to buy a computer? Are computers and printers available for public use?

Middlebury has more than 400 PCs and Macs in public computer laboratories, classrooms, and the library. Laser printing is readily available in public labs, several public spaces (Mahaney Center for the Arts, MiddExpress, and the Chateau), and the libraries. Students are not required to have a computer but most find it extremely helpful to have their own. Some students opt to bring their own printers as well.

What type of computer should I buy? What computers do most students use?

  • Students typically prefer having a laptop to having a desktop. Laptops are more expensive than desktops of similar-quality hardware, but students generally value the portability that laptops provide. The libraries and other common spaces are equipped with outlets, network jacks, and wireless access so that students can easily use their laptops in multiple locations.
  • PC or Mac: Both are well-supported on the Middlebury campus. Macs are more commonly used by students than PCs. PCs tend to be cheaper than Macs. Typically, Mac computers require slightly less support and maintenance than PCs do.
    Please note that Linux is not officially supported by the Middlebury infrastructure, however most Middlebury resources work well with Ubuntu Linux.
  • More expensive doesn't necessarily mean more functional. Students use their computers primarily for word processing, email, music, and internet browsing; any popular computer model will meet all of these needs.
    • Advanced statistical analysis, video / graphics editing, or gaming will require a higher-end computer.
    • Netbooks, or low-end mini laptops, are extremely cheap and are capable of word processing, web browsing, email, music, and so forth. Perhaps their biggest limitation is that the tiny screens and tiny keyboards can be uncomfortable to use.
    • Portable devices like iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, and Chromebooks are convenient for quick Web searches and e-mail access, but they have limited capabilities and typically cannot run the specialized educational software required for some classes. For this reason most students also use either public lab computers or their own laptop or desktop computers.

Where should I buy my computer?

We do not recommend any particular vendor over another. It pays to shop around and ask questions as many vendors offer some form of educational discount.

If you wish to explore local options, the College Store is an authorized Apple retailer. See the computer accessories section below for additional business contact information.

Software and accessories

What software is available to Middlebury College Students?

  • Sophos AntiVirus: Middlebury College has licensing for all regular year Middlebury College students. It is available for download, free of charge, at go/sav once students are on campus. It is not available for download for people who are off campus.
  • Microsoft Office: Middlebury College has a contract for Microsoft Office that applies to all regular year Middlebury College students. It is available for download, for a fee of $9.95, at go/getoffice once students are on campus.

How do I purchase other computer accessories?

The College Store located in Proctor Hall offers a variety of tech-related accessories, such as ethernet cables, blank CD's, and surge protectors and is an authorized Apple Store. Other accessories can often be purchased online for reasonable prices. Here are two good resources in finding reasonable prices on accessories:

  • PriceWatch.com-- an index for pricing individual computing products from ethernet cards to external CD-burners. Companies sign up to be listed and you may query Pricewatch's database of prices.
  • C-net.com-- an index for prices along with a resource for reviews of equipment. Product range is similar to PriceWatch.com.

Local resources include:

  • Computer Specialists Inc., 1590 Rte 7 S, Suite 3, Middlebury, 802-388-1444
  • Main Street Stationery, 40 Main St, Middlebury, 802-388-6787
  • Martin's Hardware (RadioShack), 859 Rte 7 S, Middlebury, 802-388-9500

Computer Support

Where can I get help with my computer?

Help documents are available and assistance can be requested from the HelpDesk website. If you need personalized assistance, you can contact the HelpDesk via email to helpdesk@middlebury.edu or by calling (802) 443-2200. In some cases, we are available to assist with hardware troubleshooting and diagnosis, but we remind you that you may want to contact the manufacturer of your computer for assistance. Additionally, there are a variety of Internet-based help resources and manufacturer's help available. Local vendors are available to perform many out-of-warranty computer equipment repairs.

Security and protection

Is theft a problem with laptop computers?

Laptop theft at Middlebury College is not common, but is a real concern nonetheless. Statistics on crime at Middlebury are available from Public Safety. Some computers have been stolen when students left them unattended in public areas such as dining halls, libraries, or lounges. Most thefts can be prevented by keeping rooms locked and / or using locking kits. Homeowner insurance policies can often be extended to cover a student's computer while at College; we recommend this when possible. Check with your insurance company for details.

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