Computing Lab Assistant

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This page is here for reference as to how to be the best Computing Lab Assistant possible.

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Lab Rounds:
A key element of the CLA position, lab rounds must be done thoroughly. The goal is make sure that everything in the computer lab works the way it is supposed to. All of the computers should start up, and reach a login screen.

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What to do when a computer won't start: Media:No_Boot.pdf
If the problem persists, refer to these instructions: Media:No_Windows.pdf

The computers should also be able to login to your account. If this is the problem, first check the ethernet connection to the machine and the wall. If that is secure, then restart the machine, (give the computer a hard restart by holding down on the power button until the machine loses power), and see if that fixes the problem. On windows machines, sometimes several restarts will solve the issue.


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