Conference travel

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LIS Conference/Training/Travel Procedure -- Approvals and Reimbursements

  1. Discuss your conference/training plans with your work group leader/supervisor.
  2. Complete this form go/lis?confapp.   (This will generate an email to your supervisor.)
    1. For some conferences (e.g., Educause, NERCOMP, Sungard), LIS Administrative Office (Doreen) can help with processing registration fees in advance.
  3. During travel, save receipts and record your mileage.
  4. After travel, submit receipts with a travel expense voucher within 30 days to the LIS Administrative Office (Doreen).

  • The current year travel voucher and reimbursement form can be found here.

Tips for Successful Reimbursement

The following tips apply to ALL types of reimbursements (travel, professional development, cellphone, supplies, etc.):

  • Attach original receipts (email & web receipts are OK; a photocopy of cash register receipts is NOT ok).
  • Double check your math.  Make sure the receipts add up to the line total.
  • Include YOUR NAME and COLLEGE ID# ( believe it or not, this is the most omitted piece of information!).
  • If you're claiming mileage, print out a Google map of the route (showing the distance) and include it.
  • Completed forms should be reviewed by your supervisor, then given to Doreen Bernier.
  • Submit reimbursements in a timely manner – all reimbursements should be submitted within 30 days of expense, 60 days max (except in June when the time window is shorter due to the end of the fiscal year).
  • Have questions on what type of expense is allowed?  See http://www.middlebury.edu/about/handbook/misc/travel .
  • Travel to Bread Loaf campus in VT: Enter 26 miles in the reimbursement form.
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