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==== Connect To Network Printers Using Windows XP<br>  ====
#Click [[Image:Start button.PNG]].
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#Select '''Run'''.
#In the '''Open '''field type '''\\server-name\queue-name''' where '''server-name''' is the name of the print server ('''bombay''', in most cases, except for these [[Printer Installation and Usage#List_of_Printers_on_the_Papercut_Server|printers on the Papercut server]]) &amp; '''queue-name''' is unique for the printer (typically in the form of three-letter building abbreviation followed by room number; ex. '''\\bombay\LIB213''' (note this is a printer that doesn't exist - it is only an example)).
#Click [[Image:OK button.PNG]].&nbsp; The driver for the printer will be added to your computer and the printer will be added to your '''Printer and Faxes''' list of available printers.
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The above steps will not work properly if the computer is a) not bound to the middlebury.edu domain (only should apply to college-owned computers) or b) is not logged in with a network account with printing privileges.
'''Bombay''' also has a web address allowing installation of printers at [[http://bombay/printers | http://bombay/printers]] if you are logged into the domain, using Internet Explorer, and inside the college firewall.
==== Uninstall Printers Using Windows XP<br>  ====
#Click [[Image:Start button.PNG]]<br>
#Select '''Control Panel&nbsp;'''(via '''Settings''', if applicable)
#Open '''Printers and Faxes'''
#Right-click on the printer and select '''Delete '''from the pop-up menu.
#Click [[Image:Yes2 button.PNG]] to confirm the deletion
#Close the '''Printers and Faxes''' window
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Content for this wiki page has been moved to the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base:


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