Connect To Network Printers - Windows

To use a networked departmental printer you need to obtain its exact network print queue name. Look for a sticker on the printer showing this information. Co-workers and department coordinators may also be able to provide you with the needed name(s).

Once you have obtained the printer queue name(s), simply follow the instructions below on your College-owned computer to connect to desired printers, set a default printer that you use most often, or removed unused printers.

Work with Network Printers using Windows 10


Commonly Used Print Servers

  • Walnut -- Queues for departmental printers
  • Spruce -- Queues for Bread Loaf and Language Schools printers
  • Papercut -- Queues for public printers
  • Seaotter -- Queues for MIIS printers



The above steps will not work properly if the computer is a) not bound to the middlebury.edu domain (only should apply to college-owned computers) or b) is not logged in with a network account with printing privileges.

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