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shift - enter Insert new field ABOVE
alt - up arrow Move field UP one position
alt - down arrow Move field DOWN one position
shift - tab Move cursor to previous cell
alt - delete Delete entire field
ctrl - home Move cursor to beginning of record
ctrl - end Move cursor to end of record
ctrl - Z Undo edits one at a time in cell containing cursor
ctrl - shift - Z Cancel all edits since last time you saved record
ctrl - F7 Delete text from cursor to end of current cell
alt - F7 Delete word where cursor is located
ctrl-s Move cursor: (1) from beginning of field to 1st    subfield; (2) to next subfield; (3) to beginning    of next field (if at end of field)
shift-ctrl-s Move cursor to previous subfield or, if at    beginning of field, to end of previous field
Constant Data
ctrl - y Local default constant data
menu icon Local constant data list
ctrl - a Online default constant data (949 overlay by bib number)
menu icon Online constant data list