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If the item is eligible for BNA contents, add field 905 BNA contents (F2). Ineligible items are:

  • non-English non-book format pre-1990 publications
  • multi-volume and/or serial

If the item is ineligible for BNA contents, add the contents note yourself . In this case, you may add contents to the OCLC record first; then overlay the Midcat record.

Add contents notes to bibliographical records if:

  • The individual chapters or essays are written by different people
  • The essay or chapter titles are distinctive, contain useful keywords, or clarify aspects of the work that would not be apparent from the rest of the record
  • The subject matter of a portion of the work is of importance to the Middlebury curriculum, but does not meet the 20% rule for assigning a subject heading.
  • The item consists of no more than 20 separate literary works by the same person or different people (e.g., short stories, plays)
  • The parts have previously been published separately and the work has a collective title (AACR2, 1.1B10)
  • It is unlikely that the individual works will be indexed elsewhere (i.e., small-press collections of poetry or short stories, whether by a single author or several authors)
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