Contributions to External Reviews

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Academic departments and programs periodically undergo a review performed by faculty from other institutions. In the past, LIS Liaisons contributed to these external reviews by compiling a report that described LIS resources and services for the department/program. This page was built to help liaisons prepare for external reviews. The library is no longer asked to contribute a report to external reviews, but we might be asked to meet with departments as they complete their own reports.

First things first

Liaisons usually are notified of an upcoming external review by Madeleine Winterfalcon in Academic Affairs.Upon notification, liaison should:

  1. Ask for a deadline for the report
  2. Ask when the review committee will visit. Plan to be available to meet with the committee if asked.
  3. Notify other members of liaison team. Team members should contribute to the report and plan to be available to meet with the review committee when they visit.
  4. Tell department/program head that you will write a report and share the final version, and that you will be available to meet with the committee if asked.

How to prepare the report

  1. Create the report as a .doc file.
  2. Follow the template below. (Revise/reorder depending on department.)
  3. Look at previous reports in middfiles (\orgs\LIS\Liaisons\External_Review_Documents). Recent reports will provide answers to some of the questions in the the template and will have text that you can copy/paste/revise.


  1. Ask Carrie and Terry to review draft.
  2. Send final report to Madeleine Winterfalcon
  3. Share final report with department/program head
  4. Save final report to middfiles (\orgs\LIS\Liaisons\External_Review_Documents)
  5. Share report with Liaisons on Liaisons blog.


  1. After the visit from the review committee, ask department/program head to share any feedback about LIS resources and services
  2. Tell others in LIS what you've learned



  • To/from/date/re:


  • Purpose of the report


  • What LIS does
  • Description of any issues that could help to put report into context

LIS Liaison Program

  • Description of LIS Liaison Program
  • Skills/experience of primary liaison and liaison team members

Research and Technology Support

  • Description of support: Guides, classes, consultations, inquiries.
  • Description of any specialized support for the department
  • Description of any recent projects relevant to the department

Computer Labs and Classrooms

  • How many
  • Where are they
  • What technology is available in them


  • What common software is available
  • What specialized software is available

Library Collection

  • How often is the library used (gate count)
  • How many books in the library
  • How many journals in the library
  • Description of Special Collections
  • Description of digital collections
  • What are the major resources (electronic and/or print) in the subject area? If interested, include:
    • How often are books/journals/databases in the subject area used (circ stats/usage stats)
    • How much is spent on books/journals/databases in the subject area
  • Description of Interlibrary Loan. If interested, include:
    • Request rate for subject area
    • Success rate for subject area

Concluding Remarks

  • Explain anything that needs explaining
  • Mention any future considerations
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