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== On a Windows Computer ==
#REDIRECT [[Converting_Multimedia_Files]]
- Open file in image editor application (MS Paint,  PhotoEditor, Picture Manager etc.) which ever application will open the file type.
-  Keep in mind that not all graphics applications can open every type of image format. so you may have to try a few if the original file format is uncommon.
- Once image is open in the application, you then want to 'save' the image in the desired alternate image format. (bmp, jpg, gif, png .etc etc).
    '''PhotoEditor & MS Paint ''': 
                        File > Save As > Save as type [file format]
    '''Microsoft Office Picture Manager ''':
                         File > Export > Export with this file format
- NOTE: you may have to tweak/modify some of the target image settings to attain a desired resolution - color depth or other attributes of the image.
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