Converting RealPlayer files to mp3

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This document provides general guidelines for converting a RealPlayer audio file (RealMedia rm format) to MP3.


  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later
  • Free RealPlayer software v16.0 (later versions do not have the converter) - download link below
  • Enough space for the files to be converted (approximately twice the original file size)
  1. Download the old version of RealPlayer (16.0): http://www.real.com/app-directory
  2. When you start the installation of the old RealPlayer, please uncheck the box where it asks to install the toolbar – you really don't need that.
  3. After it's installed, you will find the converter utility under the Windows Start button > All Programs > RealNetworks.
  4. In the RealPlayer converter window click the Add button, select the files you'd like to convert, click Open.
  5. Under Convert To select MP3 Audio only.
  6. Under Save to select a location where the converted files will be placed.
  7. Click Start.

After the conversion process is over a message will appear notifying you they files are ready. Click OK to dismiss this message and test the MP3 files to ensure the conversion was successful.

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