Copy a Moodle Quiz

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To copy a Moodle Quiz to a new course you must first create a backup of just the Quizes from the original course and then restore this backup into the new course.

Backup the Quiz[zes]

  1. Go to the course you want to copy from
  2. Choose Backup from the Administration menu
  3. Unselect everything you don't want (User Data, Users: None, User Files: No, etc.) and click Continue
  4. You'll get a warning. Click Continue
  5. You should get a message about 'Backup successfully created.' Click Continue.

You should be shown a list of the backups for the course with your new backup at the bottom.

Restore the Quiz[zes] to the new course

If you have left the list of backups, you can get back to it by going to the original course where you created the backup and then choose the Restore option from the Administration menu.

  1. Locate the backup file you just created. Under Action, click Restore
  2. Click Yes to continue
  3. Click Continue
  4. Choose Restore to Existing Course, adding data to it
  5. Click Continue
  6. Choose the correct course from the list
  7. Click Restore this course now!

The Quiz should now be copied. You'll probably need to move it to the location you want in the new course.

These instructions are based on this helpful post by Eric Sjaarda.