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The Course Hub is the definitive starting point for all course sites.  See:


When you log into the Course Hub you will see a list of all your courses and each course will have its own site with basic information about the course including its title, description, instructor, schedule and location.  Some course hub sites may also contain links to other resources.

Course Hub for Faculty

When faculty log into the CourseHub, they will see a list of all the courses they are teaching.  Each course will have a site with basic information about the course including its title, description, instructor, schedule and location.  Faculty can add to their course hub sites a syllabus and resources.

Adding a Syllabus to your Course Hub Site

To add a syllabus to your course hub site, click on the "+ Add Syllabus" link.  

There are options to copy your syllabus text and paste it into the hub site or you can upload a file that contains your syllabus. 

NOTE: the Course Hub only supports the sharing a single file directly on a given Course Hub site.  To share more files, create a resource such as an ERES page (for files stored in ERES) or a Moodle or WordPress site.

Adding a Resource to your Course Hub Site

The Course Hub allows faculty to create resources for their course. Currently the following resource types are available:

  • Moodle site
  • WordPress site
  • ERES page
  • Links
  • RSS Feeds

To add a resource to your course hub site, do the following:

  1. Click on the "Manage Resources" button in your semester dashboard OR 
    the "Resources" link in the right sidebar of the hub site for a particular course
  2. Click on the "+ Add a Resource" button
  3. Chose which kind of resource to add
  4. Fill in the required fields and click on the "Save" button

Using Resources for Multiple sections of a Course

Resources created for a course can be used in multiple sections of that course. In the case of syllabi, links or RSS feeds, these resources should simply be recreated in the separate hub sites for each section of the course.

Moodle and WordPress resources should be created only once in one section of the course. The other sections of the course should also add Moodle/WordPress resources, but should specify the use of an existing site by adding the id of the existing site.

The id in the following example is "380"

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