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The CourseHub's "name pronunciation" feature allows both students and instructors to add extra profile information, including a name pronunciation recording and phonetic spelling of their name.

“My Profile”

The link to your profile is located next to the “Logout” link.

Example of a user profile and the link to it next to

On the profile page you will see some information that is automatically imported from Banner (name, pronoun, email) and some information that you can edit in the Course Hub (name pronunciation, timezone).

Upon clicking the button to edit your profile, you will be able to add or change your name pronunciation and timezone. Fields populated from Banner are not user-editable in the Course Hub.

Hub Profile edit.png

Name recording controls

Clicking the Recordbutton will prompt your browser to allow access to your microphone and then display a recording dialog:

Hub microphone prompt.png

Hub Recording dialog.png

After recording your name pronunciation, the Record button will be replaced with a preview:

Hub recording field preview.png


Other name pronunciation fields

Use the “Name as spoken” field to provide a textual representation of what you spoke so that listeners don’t have to map sounds they hear to the "Last, First M. (nickname)" Display Name that comes from Banner and which might not be an exact match to what you spoke.

Use the “Name phonetic spelling” field to provide a textual guide to how to pronounce your name. This will assist those who cannot hear your recording due to disability, technical limitations, or when viewing the class-Roster in print.

Roster Display

In addition to the fields from Banner that instructors currently see in class-rosters (name, photo, email, advisor, dean), name pronunciation fields is also be presented to instructors. The class-rosters are only visible to the instructor[s] teaching the class and select support staff.

This example of a class-roster shows how additional (optional) pronunciation information is displayed to instructors.