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An example course schedule view.

The course catalog's schedule-planning tool is designed to help students discover courses and arrange selections of them that avoid timing conflicts.

The Save-Course buttons.

When browsing the online catalog at go/catalog you can now log in and save courses that you find interesting.

Please note that this tool is a planning and advising aid — it does not register you for classes. Also, it does not have access to individual student records and hence does not check that prerequisites have been met.

Planning Your Schedule

  1. Go to http://catalog.middlebury.edu/ and log in.
  2. Search or browse for courses that interest you, clicking the ☆ Save button to bookmark the course.
  3. Click on the My Schedule Planner link.
  4. Create a new schedule for the term if you don't have one.
You can create as many schedules for each term as you like - e.g. "Preferred Schedule", "No 8am", etc
  1. Add and remove courses to the the schedule.
  • When you are done with your schedule and wish to share it with someone (such as your adviser), click the email button to send them the schedule. You will receive a copy of the email as verification.
  • Click the print button to open a print-friendly view of the schedule.


Please report any errors with the Schedule Planner at go/webbugs/Catalog/Planner.

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