Course Catalog Meeting Notes 2009-09-07

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This page contains notes for the September 7th, 2009 meeting of the Course Catalog team.

In attendance:

  • TBD


Workflow for description entry

  • Jeff: Has additional help for description entry been found?
  • Janis: What instructions need to be passed off to additional help?

Pages for department sites

Three types of pages are likely needed for the department sites. Some mock-ups will help to visualize these types of pages and the information that might be contained on them. We will need to decide if we need to have all three types of pages or if a different way of presenting the data might be preferred.

1. Program description and major requirements. This will be done as a block of text in Drupal. Whether it lives in a "Catalog" part of the site and is redisplayed on the department page or vice versa is yet to be determined.

2. Courses offered by the department. This will be a list of the titles and descriptions of courses taught within a period of time (i.e. upcoming year and previous 4 years). In addition to the titles and descriptions, a list of the terms this course has been taught (e.g. F06, F07, F08, S08, S09, S10) will provide a view of the periodicity of each course. This listing might be ordered by course-code (as in the catalog) to display the progression throughout the major.

3. Sections offered in a given semester. This would default to the "current" semester and show a listing of the sections with titles, descriptions, instructors teaching them, etc. Links to the next and previous semesters would be available from this view.

  • Adam: Provide mockups for discussion.

Redundant/extra fields for search

  • Is Department redundant on the search UI? For undergrad, it seems to be the same list as Subject with different word order.
  • Is Division useful on the search UI?
  • Can requirements get longer titles in Banner? Eg. "North American Culture" rather than just NOR.


What will be our archiving strategy for "The Catalog". Is a PDF export from Drupal sufficient? An HTML export?