Course Catalog Meeting Notes 2009-10-01

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This page contains notes for the September 7th, 2009 meeting of the Course Catalog team.

In attendance:

  • TBD


Launch Timelines

What parts of this need to launch when?

  • The department pages in Drupal need to be operational for the new website launch on Jan 4th.


(rolled over from Sept 7th meeting, since time ran out.)

What will be our archiving strategy for "The Catalog". Is a PDF export from Drupal sufficient? An HTML export?

Progress of existing catalog content review

(rolled over from Sept 7th meeting, since time ran out.)

Go over any process questions or other issues that have come up in the review of existing online course-catalog content.

Section population and roll-over

Update on the results of the work-flow and technical investigations since last meeting.

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