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=== Archiving ===
=== Archiving ===
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This page contains notes for the November 2nd, 2009 meeting of the Course Catalog team.

In attendance:

  • Adam Franco


Course Listings in Departmental Sites

  • What is the right balance of breadth for the departmental Courses list and faculty profiles? (Currently includes the last 4 years.)
  • Do we need White Whale to help us design a template for the Courses list to better show the periodicity of Courses?
  • Is there a process for fixing errors in the Banner data and what are reasonable expectations for this work?

'Catalog' site build-out

  • What is going in?
  • Process for adding in departmental requirements.
    • Node-references.


  • Update from Academic Affairs committee on PDF export -- if a decision was reached.


Course Listings in Departmental Sites

'Catalog' site build-out


Next Actions