Create Basic Guest Wireless Account

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If you already have a Middlebury username and password or an existing full-featured guest account, just select the MiddleburyCollege wireless network then connect using your credentials.

Basic guest accounts are valid for four days and are perfect for anyone who simply wants to check email or surf the web. To create one:

  1. Turn on your wireless device then select the MiddleburyGuest wireless network.
  2. Open a web browser; you should be welcomed by Middlebury's wireless portal page.
  3. Click Create Basic Guest Account.
  4. Please complete the form as directed:
    • Type your name, phone number, and email address.
    • Review the terms of use then check the box to accept the terms.
  5. Click Register to complete your account creation process. You will receive a text message and an e-mail with your password.
  6. Click Log In and enter your e-mail address and password to connect to the MiddleburyGuest wireless network using your new account.

Forgot your password? Simply repeat the steps above to obtain a new one.

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