Create a New Profile in Outlook

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Creating a new Outlook profile can resolve odd issues with Outlook. In addition, creating a new profile allows you to troubleshoot an issue without losing / deleting your previous Outlook configuration.

To create a new Outlook profile:

  1. Close Outlook (File => Exit)
  2. Click on the Start menu and click Control Panel -> Mail
  3. Click Show Profiles and click Add
  4. The Create New Profile window will appear. Type in a name for your new profile (any name will do) and click OK.
  5. A window titled Add New E-Mail Account will appear. Click Next and Finish to complete the account setup (this configures your email settings in the new profile).
  6. Back in the Mail window, click Always use this profile and select your new profile from the list.
  7. Click OK and Open Outlook (it may take some time for the new profile to retrieve your email).
  8. If you use any shared accounts you should be sure to turn off cached mode for shared folders as well.

Note: Additional profiles can also be created to directly access other accounts (if you have the appropriate permissions).  Here are a few hints that may be useful toward this end:

  1. At step 3 above, select the option "Prompt for a profile to be used"
  2. Add... the profile  - just like step 4 above
  3. Select "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" & click "Next"
  4. select "Microsoft Exchange" for the account type & click "Next"
  5. enter "mail.middlebury.edu" as the Exchange server, the user name to, click "Check Name" - once account is resolved, click "Next", then "Finish"
  6. When you open Outlook, choose the profile you need - if prompted for credentials, you may need to enter them as "midd\username" rather than just "username".
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